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Louis Walker III was born in Newport, Rhode Island and, as several of his immediate family and closest family members also displayed advanced artistic abilities it was no surprise that Louis would eventually turn his creative talents to photography. Growing up Walker was an avid participant in sports. This active participation and love of competition would later provide the background and working knowledge as a sports photographer.

After graduating from High school, Walker attended Northeastern University in Boston where he graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. He later obtained a Master of Science degree in 1993 in Information Systems Science and was hired and is still employed by the same company.

Having inherited his art-rendering abilities as a family trait, Walker put his skills to work in the 1980’s as a watercolorist. His vivid paintings of Newport, RI landscapes and still life arrangements demonstrated his command of both composition and perspective. In a short period of just over 10 years he created hundreds of paintings and exhibited at local arts festivals and galleries.

Photography always played a central role as the base of the many images for Walker’s drawings and paintings and by the late 1990’s, photography increasingly became his artistic medium of choice.

Walker honed his skills capturing creatively dramatic action images of Little League baseball and high school team sports around New England. Tens of thousands of images later, the skills developed while taking those early images earned Walker entry to Ivy League colleges and eventually professional team stadiums as a contract photographer. See more at images at http://sportsartinternational.com/maleartists/louiswalker.php